Who we are
Katasi is a Colorado-based technology company founded by executives from the telecom and aerospace industries to address a critical societal need; providing an effective technological solution to the growing epidemic of texting while driving.  We believe this problem will only be effectively controlled through an elegant coordinated technological solution that works well for all stakeholders; cell phone users, carriers, insurance companies and legislators.

The Katasi approach, two years in development, is unique.  Katasi;

  • Creates a “text-free” vehicle
  • Works with existing mobile phones
  • Works with existing carrier systems
  • Does not require additional software on the mobile phone
  • Discriminates between drivers and passengers
  • Positively prevents texting from a given mobile phone in a given vehicle
  • Is inexpensive and easy to retrofit
Katasi has overcome limitations of competing systems that can be disabled by the user and are only applicable to a limited set of phones and software.
Texting while driving statistics
  • 17.5M Teen Drivers nationwide
  • The average teen sends and receives 3000 texts per month
  • 46% of teens admit to Texting While Driving (TWD)
  • Teens rate TWD as leading cause of distraction while driving
  • 5,500 teens killed per year in auto accidents: TWD is quickly becoming a leading cause of accidents
  • 444,000 teens are seriously injured per year from auto accidents
Commercial Drivers
  • 10.5 commercial vehicle drivers
  • truck drivers 23X higher collision risk when texting
  • TWD more dangerous to driving than .08% alcohol level
  • TWD increasing in states despite TWD laws

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